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Karolinska University Hospital has a new dispatcher for its security center

Region Stockholm needed a new dispatch solution for the security center that handles communication with Karolinska University Hospital’s security company. The dispatch operators at the security center monitor the day-to-day operations of the security companies.

The Swedish public safety net Rakel is used as a radio communication platform with handheld Sepura terminals for the guards. Rakel is a proprietary communication system and is built to function even when other systems, such as mobile phone network and the internet, suffer from disturbances. It has high availability and operates in a robust and secure network. Rakel is owned and operated by swedish MSB.

The operators follow the active calls via our dispatcher solution and have the opportunity to follow several talkgroups and events at the same time. It is intensive activity for the operators, where they can help the guards link talkgroups, send text messages and manage alarms so the guards can concentrate on carrying out their duties. The operators and security guards are also active when helicopters arrive at the hospitals.

The dispatcher solution has a simple and efficient handling where everything is logged and recorded in order to be able to follow up on events. The dispatcher solution can be scaled up with requested functions such as indoor positioning with map support.

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