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Command Control is a complete management support platform

The Command Control management system is a comprehensive platform that meets all authority requirements and manages the entire chain from incoming alarms to completed events.

The platform is a modular platform developed together with, and for, everyone active in community protection and preparedness.

The solution strengthens the cooperation and coordination within the own organization and various authorities as well as the connection between units and resources so that rescue operations can be carried out in an orderly, fast and efficient manner. The platform integrates today’s most advanced technology in critical communications to establish regional or country-wide management systems. Our customers place high demands on information and accessibility wherever they are.


Dispatcher is a module in our large Command Control platform that offers many functions for a secure connection in a command center that handles critical communications, regardless of size. Dispatcher can be used in organizations that have a centralized or decentralized structure for alarms and management. The dispatcher has a modern, simple userfriendly and flexible interface for a quick and efficient overview of its radio resources.

To further facilitate and streamline daily work, each organization and operator can create their own view in which they want to work.

Alerting and station control

Alerting and station control is a module in our large Command Control platform that offers many functions to receive and present alarms at the station as well as forward these by alerting resources in several robust communication paths. The module also allows functions at the station to be controlled based on status, such as gates, traffic lights, saunas and turning on and off alarms, etc.

Alarming equipment is installed at the station consisting of an alarm computer with a relay card to control functions at the station. The equipment is installed locally for each station for safety reasons in order to operate.

Situation awarness

Situation awarness is a module from our platform in Command Control. Flexibility and ease of use with access to critical information such as case data, resource overview, position, status, and allocation of resources, wherever you are are some of the features.

Automatic display of the alarm’s position on the map as well as alarmed resources and devices connected to the same event and display of resources. Option to open several map windows as collaboration may require monitoring of several areas. In combination with an alarm event, for example, the damage location, object card and start of the video camera on the resource can be displayed from the interface.

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