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Northcom joins Nokia Global Partner Program

Northcom joins Nokia Global Partner Program

Northcom announced today that it has signed a Direct Reseller Partner Agreement with Nokia. As a result of this partnership, Northcom will market, distribute and service Nokia’s state-of- the-art private wireless and other network solutions, providing mission-critical products and services…

When Communication Matters
About Nortcom Solutions

Northcom Solutions is a leading provider of mission critical communication solutions, specializing in complex digital systems such as TETRA, IP, 5G/LTE and integrated solutions.

Our focus is that together with our customers provide reliable, secure, and seamless communication solutions for everyones unique needs.

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We are a ISO certificated company
Northcom Solutions is an ISO certified company and works continuously to ensure the quality of systems, personnel and departments. We like that someone from outside comes and reviews our work to see that we live up to our goals and visions. This helps us to constantly improve and refine our long-term sustainability work.