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Northcom has supplied communication solutions to most of SkiStars Facilities

The environment on the mountain is extremely tough, where radio communication can be life changing and the technology just has to work.

Northcom has delivered digital TETRA systems to several of Skistar ski facilities. Thanks to the digital technology, you get very high functionality, e.g, you can send text messages, specify the status of users and manage different types of alarms are standard functions in the system. The speech quality is also very high in a TETRA system and the system removes ambient noise in an effective way that makes use very pleasant.

The TETRA solution is scalable in all its forms and there are basically unlimited possibilities for expanding the system if the need arises, e.g. you can add as many talk groups as you need.

Our TETRA system has proved to be a game-changer in the tough mountain environment where radio communication can be a matter of life and death. With the system’s high functionality and exceptional speech quality, we have ensured seamless communication and efficient management of different types of alarms. Additionally, the scalability of our TETRA solution allows for unlimited expansion possibilities, ensuring that our clients, such as Skistar, can add as many talk groups as they need. We are proud to have deployed our DAMM base stations in the ski areas, providing great coverage over the large and hilly area, says Mattias Hellström, Key Account Manager at Northcom.

The system consists of a number of DAMM base stations that are deployed in the ski areas. Thus, you have great coverage over the large and hilly area. Skistar facilities have visitors all year round, but occupancy and staffing are significantly lower during the summer season than during the most intensive weeks such as Christmas, Easter and sports holidays.

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About Nortcom Solutions

Northcom Solutions is a leading provider of mission critical communication solutions, specializing in complex digital systems such as TETRA, IP, 5G/LTE and integrated solutions.

Our focus is that together with our customers provide reliable, secure, and seamless communication solutions for everyones unique needs.

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