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TETRA based Camp Radio for Danish Defence by Northcom

The Danish Defence required a communication solution that was operationally reliable and 100% comprehensive for their soldiers deployed on a mission.

It was necessary for the soldiers to communicate securely between their location and the base station without anyone from the outside being able to eavesdrop on their conversations. Northcom provided the perfect solution with a TETRA based system.

The solution

Northcom installed a TETRA-based system with infrastructure and handheld terminals. The solution included DAMM TETRA base station BS421, DAMM system controller SB421, Procom antennas, a router, dispatcher, and Sepura TETRA handheld terminals. All of these components were installed in a 19″ rack. TETRA is a digital radio network that is primarily used in situations where there is a need for secure, reliable, and fast communication.

The soldiers were equipped with TETRA handheld terminals, which allowed them to communicate safely, quickly, and efficiently with each other. All radios were associated with a dispatcher, a control unit that logs all calls and monitors the individual terminal’s physical location by indicating its GPS coordinates. The chosen communication solution supports both group calls, individual calls (full duplex/half duplex), and SDS messages.


The advantages of this solution were numerous. Firstly, it was easy to deploy rapidly. Secondly, it provided secure and reliable communication, which was essential for the soldiers in the field. Finally, the solution was easy to bring on other or new missions, providing flexibility to the Danish Defence.

Northcom’s solution proved to be the perfect fit for the Danish Defence’s needs. It provided the soldiers with reliable and secure communication that allowed them to carry out their missions effectively. With Northcom’s TETRA based system, the Danish Defence had the peace of mind they needed when it came to critical communications.

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About Nortcom Solutions

Northcom Solutions is a leading provider of mission critical communication solutions, specializing in complex digital systems such as TETRA, IP, 5G/LTE and integrated solutions.

Our focus is that together with our customers provide reliable, secure, and seamless communication solutions for everyones unique needs.

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