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We have delivered Peplink to the Clinton Marine Survey

Clinton Marine Survey works with scanning the seabed and is based in Gothenburg. The company focuses on geophysical services and costeffective solutions for the offshore exploration industry.

When the Clinton Marine Survey contacted Northcom, it was because they needed smarter data transfer equipment. The need to transfer large amounts of data from sea to land meant they used multiple available connections. On the other hand, they lacked a system that took care of the traffic control in the way that the business needed.

There was a desire to optimize the use of all available connections, and make them work together in a way they previously had not done. Data packet loss issues were experienced when the system switched between 4G and VSAT, and automatic switching did not work satisfactorily.

Great to be able to use this technology in the field, it’s a success story for us,” says Anders Wikmar, Survey Manager, Clinton Marine Survey.

The solution was a system consisting of

Peplink Balance 310X on board the boat. This device has a built-in 4G modem, as well as the ability to connect two external WAN connections. The device is also modular, which in this case means that the 4G modem can be upgraded to a 5G modem

Peplink AP One AX Lite. Wireless access points used for some of the mobile clients on board the boat

Peplink Balance 305. A Balance router was placed in the office, which receives all data sent from the boat.

With the new system, data is sent over all available connections to maximize efficiency, and traffic is automatically rerouted when connections are lost and regained. On board, you use a 4G connection when you are within range of the mobile network, a Starlink connection at sea where it is expanded, and a VSAT link when nothing else works or is available.

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