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SSRS has upgraded its terminal fleet with Sepura OTAP

Since 2011, SSRS (Swedish Sea Rescue Association) has used Rakel and Sepura in its operations to be able to effectively communicate with its own units and to be able to cooperate together with other units from e.g. healthcare, coast guard, rescue services, and more, in a safe way.

SSRS is now improving its existing Sepura solution for critical communication by upgrading and supplementing it with OTAP (Over the Air programming) from Sepura. OTAP saves time, reduces costs and increases the programming capacity.

This upgrade means that the SSRS terminal fleet with Sepura SC series can be reprogrammed or updated as soon as they are connected to approved Wi-Fi networks instead of without each individual radio having to be physically connected to a programming unit.

We often have to react quickly and decisively in an emergency situation. For us, OTAP means that when our rescue units are preparing for deployment, the terminals can immediately be ready to support the mission. Similarly, the terminal fleet can be updated outside of emergency hours and without the terminals needing to be present for programming. This has removed a significant administrative burden from our team and allowed us to focus and spend more time on our missions,” says Adam Goll Rasmussen at the Swedish Sea Rescue Society.

With terminals based in different locations or for on-call service, for example, the terminal is made available for updating and reprogramming regardless of where it is located, which minimizes the risk of devices in the terminal fleet having incorrect or different software versions.

Reprogramming and updating becomes much easier, more efficient and more flexible. Using Sepura Radio Manager programming tool, administrators can upgrade all terminals in the fleet, whether they are in vehicles, stationed in control rooms, handheld or out in the field.

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