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Stockholm Läns Landstings ambulance helicopter

The Stockholm Läns Landstings helicopter staff in Norrtälje use, among other things, the Sepura SC20 during their shifts. Three Sepura SC20s are mounted in each helicopter, which the crew uses throughout the work shift to receive alarms from SOS and to communicate with SOS from the accident site.

In the Norrtälje hangar, there is also reinforced indoor Rakel coverage and GPS installed.

The ambulance helicopters are operated by Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance. They use helicopters from Airbus of the model H145 and in these there are also two Sepura SRG3900 vehicle terminals mounted. One terminal is mounted in a Carl’s product called HSE767 and the other terminal is connected to HSE767. In the panel from Carl’s there is a virtual console and in the Sepura terminal there is a license for this.

The use of Sepura equipment in the Stockholm Läns Landstings helicopter staff in Norrtälje and Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance has demonstrated the importance of reliable communication during critical situations. The integration of Sepura terminals in helicopters, combined with reinforced indoor Rakel coverage and GPS, enables seamless communication between the crew and SOS, and increases the safety of both staff and patients.

All equipment is approved for use in helicopters and all assembly of Carl’s products as well as external Sepura SRG3900 is made at the Airbus factory in Germany, and is tested and approved for this helicopter model. Carl’s display is approved for use with NVG binoculars which stands for Night Vision Googles (binoculars/glasses) and amplifies the light in the display.

With this solution, communication is always possible through the handheld terminal at the patient’s side regardless of whether the helicopter has to land within some distance, which significantly increases the safety of both staff and patients.

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