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Norwegian Museum Enhances Situational Awareness

The Norwegian National Museum has deployed Sepura’s SmartView Application on their fleet of SC21 TETRA handheld radios, this was as part of its preparations for moving to a new building in June 2022.

After undergoing a major relocation, the new Norwegian National Museum is the largest museum in the Nordic countries and houses collections of historical and contemporary art, architecture, and design. The national collection currently consists of over 400,000 pieces, seen annually by over 600,000 visitors.

The site of the new Norwegian National Museum, opened in June 2022

To ensure their security and maintenance operations are successfully managed, it is critical that museum management can instantly understand where their teams are located within the museum and what tasks they might be engaged with. This information enables smarter decisions to be made on resource management and emergency response.

Given the size and complex nature of the building, GPS data is not available and cannot in any case distinguish between floor levels.

Gjermund Torp, Key Account Manager at Northcom says -The Norwegian Museum choose the SC21 specifically for its capability to add additional functionality through its AppSPACE application environment. When they were ready to add functionality to their solution, it was a simple process to support them through the upgrade.

Sepura’s Indoor Location solution comprises a software application that reports the real time location of TETRA radios and smartphones relative to a network of Bluetooth beacons positioned across the museum’s 54,600m2 site. The radios automatically connect with Bluetooth beacons positioned around the building, sending automated location data back to the control room.

Indoor Locate AppSPACE application on Desktop screen

Northcom worked with Sepura to deploy the application which gives team managers and administrators an immediate overview of the location and status of their teams. The museum staff were already using Sepura SC21 TETRA radios for their voice communications, so adding the application required no hardware changes.

– Sepura’s Indoor Location application offers powerful additional functionality to support users whose operations are mainly indoors and may need to respond to a number of security or emergency situations. It also helps to protect staff working on their own and enables administrative staff to manage resources in the most effective way possible, says Gary Maughan, Regional Director for Scandinavia

Staff can now direct resources to react to medical emergencies, security risks, lone workers in distress or maintenance teams that may need additional resource.

The Museum is a dynamic environment that changes to reflect the exhibits on display. The solution offered by Northcom and Sepura is flexible to support this changing space yet powerful to provide improvements to operational efficiency and quicker reaction to emergency situations.

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